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Hey there! My name’s Jeffrey and I wanted to spend a few minutes welcoming you to my website and providing you with an opportunity to get to know me a little better.

While I grew up attending a Catholic school as an adolescent, it has only been the last couple of years that being a member of the Church has been an important part of who I am. For much of my adult life, I felt as empty as the church pictured above.

I knew who Jesus was and the significance of what He accomplished through the cross, but that was the peak of my spirituality. With an obvious void inside my heart, I did whatever I could to make myself feel whole. This led to a life of alcoholism and any other given sin that made me feel more confident in who I thought I was.

After running as far away from God as I possibly could, I discovered a personal relationship with Jesus while living at a faith-based recovery home for men suffering from addiction in 2012. While the Catholic Church was still not a part of my life at the time, I began attending an incredible non-denominational church. It couldn’t have been further from what I expected a church to be. I was reintroduced to God, this time as a loving Father, who wanted me to experience an intimate relationship with his Son instead of the punishing God I had learned to fear.

The years since have been everything except easy. There has been great success, accompanied with amazing failures, all of which play a significant role in who I am as a Christian, husband, father, and writer. The experiences I’ve since lived through, combined with a loving wife who is a cradle Catholic and an education in theology, have been more than enough to lead me back home to the Catholic Church.

I recently graduated from Aidan University with an Associate of Arts degree in Applied Theology. I will be entering the Master’s Degree program to further my studies in theology at Aidan in the near future. I am the Founder and President of Gospel Grammar and write for several Christian websites, both Catholic and Protestant.

After moving from southeast Texas in the fall of 2017, my family calls Ft. Wayne, Indiana home, not far from the small town where I grew up. We are parishioners at St. Jude Catholic Church in the Ft. Wayne-South Bend Diocese.

I also work as a sports analyst for a few websites during my free time. While I believe baseball will always be the greatest game ever played, as a writer, I cover the MLB, NHL, NFL, and NCAA football.


Jeffrey Stevens