Jeffrey Stevens

“Christianity is the religion of the Word of God, a word which is not a written and mute word, but the Word which is incarnate and living.”

As Christians, each of us is a part of one relationship which affects every area of our lives. Regardless of where we live, our race, marital status, or the number that represents our annual income, every one of us plays a role in this relationship differently.

The way we think, our actions and the way in which we respond to circumstances, even the way we demonstrate our love for others and the characteristics which make us who we are can and should reflect our relationship with Jesus Christ.

Granted, this doesn’t happen overnight. Just like any other relationship we’re a part of, our connection and bond with Jesus require time to develop. In order to take on the role, He wants us to fulfill, we must spend time actually getting to know Jesus, instead of simply learning about who He is.

This isn’t something we are able to accomplish by attending church for an hour and a half every Sunday. A relationship with Jesus is built through spending time with Him on a daily basis. This involves time reading Scripture, a healthy prayer life and dedicating the hobbies and activities we enjoy most to Him.

While this probably looks different to you according to your interest, for me, this includes writing. No, there’s nothing I can do alone that will strengthen your faith or increase your trust in Jesus. Nothing I write is going to guide you closer to Him than you’ve ever been before. Only the work of the Holy Spirit is able to accomplish that.

My goal is to use what I’ve learned about the Bible and the experiences I have been able to live through in a manner that will inspire you to expose a new area of your heart to Him. I simply hope to introduce you to His Word in a way that you may or may not have encountered the Bible before.